Founded in 2010, Sweet As Bliss, is a custom order commercial-based bakery & consulting business delivering out of San Diego, CA. With blissful customers spanning Southern California, what started as a dream became a flourishing reality. While we specialize in custom order cakes and cupcakes, we offer a wide variety of desserts!

All of our desserts are baked from scratch and made fresh to order. We incorporate many local, natural, and organic ingredients and refrain from using hydrogenated oils and all other trans fats in our baked goods. We truly pride ourselves in creating extremely flavorful, healthful desserts which are never baked overly sweet! We use pure ingredients like pure butter, fresh imported vanilla beans & extracts, organic coconut milk & heavy cream, Bensdorp cocoa powder, premium organic cinnamon & ginger, high quality gluten-free flour, and freshly zested & squeezed citrus fruits. 

​Currently, we offer over 50 different cupcake and cake flavors and are happy to accommodate any special dietary requests (i.e. vegan, gluten-free, organic, reduced sugar). Our number one goal is to not only serve quality baked goods but to ensure total customer bliss. We greatly value feedback with an open mind and are always experimenting with numerous ingredients in order to keep improving the quality of our treats.

Since 2015, we have started consulting work globally and are more than happy to help your company redesign your dessert menu to cater to all of your guests/customers! We specialize in creating desserts to suit even the pickiest palates as well as those with special dietary restrictions. Pricing is based on your company's needs and is customized for your business! For more information, shoot us an inquiry and we will gladly be available to answer any of your questions!

We truly hope you find our treats as 'Sweet as Bliss'!

              Tara Konitshek